Attorney Headshots

attorney headshots

I recently went to Lahood and del Cueto Law office to do attorney headshots on location. I was hired to do their individual headshots, group photos and staff in action photos.  My goal was to produce flattering yet best represent their competence and reputation of the  law firm. I wanted to include lawyers library this photo.

Portrait of a Lawyer in a Library


I wanted little more classic professional portrait.  I intentionally lighten the back ground since two layers were wearing dark jackets.

Attorney Headshot Lahood and del Cueto Law office

For individual headshots, I wanted to make background darker so that each of the lawyers stands out little better.  I used little bit of fill flash for catch eye effect and kicker light to separate them from lawyer library.

Attorney headshot at Lahood and del Cueto Law office in San Antonio I finished session with group shots.

Attorney with legal assistant group portrait

Attorney Headshots available in San Antonio.  If you need headshots, please fill out the form below

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