Best Wedding Photos from Granberry Hills San Antonio

granberry hills san antonio tx

I’ve never met the Princella & Robert until the wedding day.  Everything was done over the phone and email.  To be honest,  I was little nervous meeting them. Thankfully, I saw wedding planner, Condii when I showed up and everything went pretty well.  Condii and I had photo check list as well as group shot list so all I had to do was to figure out place for the bride & groom portrait, the formals.  The venue I photographed was called granberry hills and it’s one of the most well known place for wedding venues here in San Antonio. Here’s some of the best wedding photos by San Antonio Wedding Photographer Soobum Im.

bride and groom portrait at granberry hills san antonio txI love the weather here in Texas.  This is THE best time for the weddings.  No photoshop needed here.  Shot with just one speedlite on camera left and pull this image in less than 5 min.  Just before the bride and groom off the reception.

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  1. Thank you so much for leaving the lighting info for us to learn from! You clearly have a lot of lighting skill, these are awesome!

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