Best wedding photos from holy trinity banquet hall San Antonio

Best wedding photos from holy trinity banquet hall San Antonio

I had the chance to photograph Christian and Jonathan’s incredible wedding photos at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in San Antonio. I live close to this area (stone oak) but it was my first time to photograph there.  When I visited this church before the wedding, I knew I had to bring variety of lenses to capture their wedding photos.

Prayer by Father Mike at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church during wedding ceremony

I wasn’t able to come close by during the ceremony so I brought my basketball lens – a canon 300 2. 8 is lens.  Shooting far away so that no one can hear shutter sound.  It would have been perfect if my second shooter (David) wasn’t there.  But he was wearing completely black suit.  With 300 2.8 is lens. I can take very tight shots like bride and groom holding hands, kisses, ring exchange wedding photos from far way.

Bride and groom kneel to receive communion at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church

I often use remote camera for weddings.  I have 5 cameras I can use.  Why not use one or two during wedding?  But before I do this, I make sure to tell bride and groom as well as wedding officiant before the ceremony.  I could place multiple remote camera just like I cover NBA games but I wanted to keep it simple.  Just one remote camera behind bride and groom.  For remote, I placed a Canon 1D Mark III with a 15 2.8 fisheye lens on a high tech battery stand, triggered by pocket wizard multimax.

Bride and groom kiss photos using remote camera

Here’s my remote camera (bottom left) during the wedding ceremony.

Remote camera was used during wedding ceremony

For bridesmaids & groomsmen portraits, I light them with Elinchrom Quadra Ranger .  This little beauty is perfect size for me and works great outdoor.  I wanted dramatic image with church background.  I was using genus 77m fader ND filter to control ambient & flash light.

Wedding formal portrait was taken outside of the Holy Trinity Catholic Church using Elinchrom Ranger

For the bride and groom formal portraits, I wanted to feature gorgeous stained glass behind them.  Minimal posing directions in this wedding photos.

Bride & Groom portrait at the Holy Trinity Catholic ChurchHere’s some of my favorite Christina getting ready photos.

Bride getting ready before the wedding

Here’s some of the reception photos from the day. holy trinity banquet hall was located next to holy trinity church.

Christina & Jonathan their first dance at the Holy Trinity Banquet Hall

Father a& daughter dance.

Father & Daughter dance at the Holy Trinity Banquet Hall

Reception: Holy Trinity Banquet Hall 

Wedding Band: South Texas Jazz : They are just awesome – Check out there newest album.   Thanks Dr. Brent Watkins.  I can’t wait to work with you again.


 Thank you sooo much Christina & Jonathan for having us as your photographers!!!

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17 thoughts on “Best wedding photos from holy trinity banquet hall San Antonio

  1. I love the remote camera idea! You could miss so many little amazing moments that make the wedding even more special, like someone reacting with happy tears to the ceremony … but not with your camera formation! Lovely photos.

  2. I am actually the bride, Christina. I just wanted to comment that Soobum is an amazing photography and did a fabulous job with my engagement photos and our wedding day. He is a great guy and I could never thank him enough for capturing the most important day of my life. I highly recommend him as a photographer as he is worth every penny!

  3. Beautiful!! I love the remote camera one too! My other favorites are the first dance and the one with the church in the background…so pretty.

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